Friday, February 1, 2008

Family life these days

So, I named this blog the way I did because I wanted somewhere to write about, well my life. My life includes my family of course and they certainly keep me on my toes. I have an adorable two year old who does what he wants to do and is in speech therapy, a very handsome 8 year old who I homeschool, who tries me by the hour, and is really, really smart. I also have a 9 year old daughter on the cusp of puberty and she is sometimes not my favorite person. She's beautiful and energetic and can switch on the attitude at the drop of a hat! I love these 3 dearly and attitudes and behaviors and all, I wouldn't have them any other way! I complain, but probably 95% of my life is with them or about them. I'm always hoping that they know how much I love them.

My husband, who is my favorite person in the world, works from home half the time and is in his office out of town the other half. So he is around for a lot of the antics the kids put me through, which I love. My mom and dad split up when I was almost too little to remember and my mom took us and moved back home. So unfortunately my dad wasn't around for LOTS of things when I was growing up. It's funny how things affect you and what you turn it into when you grow up. I wanted nothing more than to make sure that my children would have their father in their lives. So I married a great guy, and we live happily ever after.

Are you doing what you thought you'd be doing when you grew up? I have almost exactly the life that I imagined when I was growing up. I have a great husband who thinks that it's his job to work and bring in the money, and my job to take care of the house and kids. Now, I agree with him. Somehow I'm this old fashioned girl with these crazy ideas about what a family is supposed to be. I love the fact that I found a guy who thinks the same way I do. It's a great life for us, it works for what we want to do.

Soon though we're gonna be shaking it all up and trying to get me back in college. I'm so nervous at the thought of it! I'm so worried about what kind of student I'll be after all these years, will I be able to be disciplined enough to do all the things I have to do now, AND study and get good grades! Will my kids be better students than me? I don't want to disappoint them, or me for that matter. I guess the honest truth is, time will tell. I won't know for sure until I get there. I've been promising myself for a few years that I was going back and I haven't made it yet. I think I'm gonna actually do it this time though. I hope so anyway. Only the Lord knows!

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