Thursday, January 31, 2008

Here goes...

Ok so I went looking for help for my problem and I didn't really find what I wanted, but here goes anyway. I'm gonna publish this post as best I can.

Here are some pics of some things I've made over the last couple years. I'm really very proud of the things I've done, I just wish I had more time! Well I guess I wish I knew how to use my time more wisely.

Anyway, my favorite project pictured here is the red and orange scarf. I made it because the yarn was calling me (c'mon I know I'm not the only one that happens to!) and I ended up giving the scarf to my best friend when I finished it.

The other scarves I made because they were quick and easy to knit up and I'm in the process of trying to destash a little bit. See I want to buy more yarn but my dh has been fussing about all the yarn I have already. He has a good point though. So I'm trying to make all the quick and easy patterns that I can so that I can make room for more of the yarn that I REALLY want.

The white blanket is a baby blanket that I started for a friend and it took me so long to get it done that I actually ended up keeping it. I don't think this picture does it justice because it really is nice. It's an angel with the wings made of this really cool loop stitch.

The peach blanket is another baby blanket that I started for not particular reason. Then my mother suggested that we make some things to sell at a craft booth during the holidays and then we never did. It's not finished anyway, I need to find that yarn again and put a border on it. I'm gonna make another one like it in green for my best friend who has no babies (and no prospects on the horizon either). Why would I make a baby blanket for someone who's not pregnant and not even trying? I don't know, it's a Nyketa/Eboni thing. You'd have to know us to understand. Well that's probably not true either, I don't think my dh understands yet and we've been married 7 years!

Oh yeah! One more thing! The square I made for a CAL I joined on I like the ones that everyone else made, mine looks deformed! I'll give it another try though. I'm making the next one in light green. Hopefully it'll come out better.

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Damery World said...

You are doing Great! Keep up the work, it is a talent! God Bless!