Saturday, March 1, 2008

Politics, ahhhhhhhh!

So here goes my one and only venture into talking about politics in a public forum. First, I'll be the first to tell you that I don't know all I should about the candidates and what their qualifications are. I do know this: I wouldn't vote for Hillary if she was the last politician in the world. I don't know why either, I just don't trust her. Some women may take offense to that since if she won, she'd be the first woman president. I just don't get a good feeling about or from her. That's probably not the best way to pick a president, but it's all I have right now.

Now onto Barack. He seems to be the golden boy as of late. Oprah loves him, Iowa loves him, but I feel kinda iffy about him. I'm just worried that he's so new to the game. Will he be able to be effective? Will he know how to play the game? I'm afraid he won't be able to get anything done. Most importantly, is the country ready for a black president? My answer is, I'm not sure.

As for the rest of the crew, I don't even know enough to mention the names. I was rooting for Guiliani, now that he's dropped out of the race I'm sorta lost. I just KNEW I was gonna be voting for Rudy for president! Now that he's gone, I'm lost. I do look forward to, in the coming weeks (well days, 'cause my primary is coming up soon) reading up on each candidate and choosing who I think would make the best president for me.

I'd like you to leave a comment and tell me how you decide who to vote for for presdient, or for any election for that matter. Happy voting!

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mz says: said...


i guess i'm not all that INTO politics but i do try to pay at least a little attention. i can't STAND hillary. i don't trust her, and i don't like her. at the beginning of this whole thing i thought maybe she'd be aight but the longer the campaign has gone on, the more i dislike her. for once we agree on something :-)

what i love about barack is that he has, in a relatively short period of time, been able to mobilize so many different facets of our country. rich folks, poor folks, old, young, black, white. it's amazing and exciting to me. on the radio recently i heard some old white men in wisconsin who said they were voting for him. yes, he's young. and it's true that he may not have quite as much political experience "inside the beltway" as mccain or clinton. but honestly, NOBODY has experience actually being POTUS, except the men who have already done it. period.

i, for one, am interested and EXCITED about this presidential race for pretty much the first time in my entire life. i think america is ready for a change. and i think that we may not know it yet we are ready for a black president. but ready or not ... HERE BARACK COMES!!!!