Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The next generation

My new pic over here to the right shows my youngest, Malcolm, looking like he knows what he's doing. I LOVE love love this picture! It makes me think of all the possibilities that open up just because he watches me with hook and yarn so much. I was at the grocery store recently and Malcolm has made it his duty to help load the groceries onto the conveyor belt for the cashier. On this particular trip I had various things we needed for the house and him and he named each thing as he loaded it onto the belt. I have to hand the things to him because he can't reach down into the basket when he's sitting in the seat. So he was naming all the things, milk, juice, bananas, yarn...I was so surprised to hear him say it. I had no idea he knew the word! I don't know why I was surprised, I guess just because I'd never heard him say it before. I was sorta touched by it, and hopeful. My older two kids aren't really that interested. They pretend to be, I think they WANT to be, but they're not true yarn lovers as I am. But Malcolm, he will have the yearning, the need to put needles to yarn and actually make things. I will definitely see to that!


Nik said...

Hey there.

Just peeking my head in to say "Hello". Found you through Ravelry.

mz said...

TAG ... You're it!! See my blog for details.